Employee Background Checks

Performing a background check is your opportunity to verify the information provided by your job candidate. Background checks can include investigations into a person’s criminal background, financial history, schooling degrees, and prior employment engagements. Each of these areas can provide an employer with valuable and needed information.

Background Checks We Offer

  • Crim Checks

    Identify potentially dangerous, unreliable, untrustworthy, or otherwise not suitable candidates for hiring.

  • ITC Checks

    Identify adverse credit information risks for positions of trust and where employees work with finances.

  • Qualification Checks

    Verify that degrees, diplomas, matric certificates and qualifications are genuine and not fraudulent.

  • Reference Checks

    Verify letters of reference, past employees, working experience to ensure accuracy.

  • ID Verification

    Verify Identification documents to check for identity theft and illegal immigrants of potential candidates.

  • Drivers Verification

    Verify valid drivers licence of a potential candidate to ensure safe drivers and for company insurance claims.

  • Training Verifications

    Verify training experience to ensure competency in the skills that a potential candidate claims they have knowledge of. 

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